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* Price List:

Any car up to 2004 model

$89 Plus GST ($97.90 incl GST)
Any car from 2005 to 2008

$99 Plus GST ($108.90 incl GST)
Any car after 2009

$119 Plus GST ($130.90 incl GST)
3 years old cars

$189 Plus GST ($207.90 incl GST)

4X4, SUV, Van, Ute and any light Commercial Vehicle

Up to 2004 model vehicle

110 Plus GST ($121 incl GST)
From 2005 to 2008

$120 Plus GST ($132 incl GST)
After 2009

$150 Plus GST ($165 incl GST)
3 years old cars

$199 Plus GST ($218.90 incl GST)

Customers, please take note that the above-quoted prices are not applicable to European vehicles, or any other make and model vehicle made before 1990. Please contact us for details of pricing for these vehicles.

Long wheel vehicles may incur additional costs. There will be an additional cost of $50 ($55 including GST) for any LPG-installed vehicle. A PPRS (Personal Properties Securitise Register) check will cost $10.

Why You Need a Roadworthy Certificate

You will require a Roadworthy Certificate when buying or selling a vehicle. It is also a requirement when re-registering a vehicle. Acquiring a Roadworthy Certificate reduces the number of malfunctioning vehicles on the road, which in turn reduces the number of accidents. For more information about Roadworthy Certification, please visit the Vic Rods website.

What We Inspect in a Roadworthy Certificate

A roadworthy certificate inspection guarantees that any vehicle is safe to operate under average driving conditions. We test the soundness of the overall vehicle structure, the functioning of tyres and wheels, the sturdiness of windscreen and windows, including the functioning of front windscreen wipers and washers; we test other safety features too, including the body, chassis or engine, maps and reflectors, as well as seat belts and seats.

Visit Us to Have Your Vehicle Inspected

As an authorized Roadworthy Certification Service Centre, Western Auto Services can inspect your vehicle and provide you with a roadworthy certificate quickly (depending on your vehicles condition). Our service includes a free estimate, with no obligation.  

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