LPG Conversions

Motorists today are faced with a dual problem that, only a few decades ago, didn’t exist. On the one hand, petrol prices, at one time relatively stable, now fluctuate dramatically; average prices are often much dearer than the past. On the other hand, customers are much more aware of the polluting effect of petrol-fuelled cars, filling the atmosphere with climate-changing greenhouse gases. This phenomenon was unknown to motorists only a few decades ago. Faced with this double-headed problem, more car owners are now investigating the viability of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) as an alternative fuel for their cars. Throughout Melbourne, more and more vehicle owners believe LPG conversion a necessity for their vehicle.


When it comes to LPG conversion in Melbourne, motorists really can’t drive past Western Auto Services. We are a fully authorised service centre, using only the most state-of-the-art technology for our LPG conversion. We also house on site the latest in diagnostic tools and equipment, to ensure our services, maintenance and any repairs performed are fully optimised. In fact, Western Auto Services employ technicians specialising in LPG conversion services: we are an AAFRB-approved installer. To top it off, our technical team is versatile enough to deal with any make or model of vehicle. LPG conversion kits come in various shapes and sizes – our team can provide valuable guidance on which kit will best suit your vehicle.

Many new customers may be wondering: is the LPG conversion cost-effective for your vehicle? As our expert technicians will tell you, it is! Just look at the numbers: converting your vehicle to LPG will generally deliver a cost-saving of between 50 to 65 cents per litre! You might ask: ok, but what about the cost of installation? An LPG-fuelled car will recover the cost of the initial installation in just a couple of years, if you drive your vehicle more than 20,000 kilometres per annum. Aside from the financial advantage, all vehicles we convert to LPG automatically meet Euro III and IV emission standards. This means that, every time you drive, your vehicle will contribute to a ‘cleaner’, more environmentally-friendly planet.

Because our technicians are LPG-conversion experts, they can install and calibrate conversion kits in just two days. Customers should be aware that the conversion kit is a complex web of highly precise components. (Central parts include a high-pressure solenoid valve, CNG filter, reducer, ECU controller, pressure gauge, micro switch and an injection rail). All this must be affixed with great accuracy and care, so the job absolutely cannot be trusted to the non-expert in LPG-conversion. Statutory bodies recognise Western Auto Services as an authorised service centre for LPG conversion in Melbourne – we have on site all the necessary infrastructure for LPG conversion.

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Remember, we are the approved and authorised centre for LPG-conversion services.

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